Welcome to Managalati Homestays

Nature to lift your spirits


Mangalati situated at Dapoli, Dist Ratnagiri on the one side of the mountain facing valley.


When check-in at Mangalati, you own 5 acres of state with cultivation of Mango, Chicoo & Cashewnut plantation. You are far away from maddening hussle & bussle of the city as well as from the air and sound polution.


You will enjoy star glazing at night and early morning sun-rise from your rooms with hot cup of tea made from the "Lemon Grass" leaves of our farm. You can unwind and relax as nature fills your lungs with the mountainous fresh air.


Mangalati is spread over 5 acres of land with lush green plantation. Major plantation is of Mango, Coconut, Chikoo, Amrut Kokam. In its lush green surrounding a cosy well designed structure has cropped up which would make you forget the buzz of the city.

Organic farming

Here in Mangalti, we do not use chemical fertilizers or insecticides for spraying on Mango or Cashew trees. We use Cow-dunk as fertilizer and spray organic spraying like NEEM extract, Gomutra and so you are assured that you are not eating chemicals through the fruits of our estate.

Lemmon Grass (Gavati Chaha)

contains essential oil. This oil is sherry(wine) coloured with pungent (strong) taste and lemon like odour with citral as principal constituent. Lemon grass and it's oil is carminative and is useful in relieving the flatulence (Excessive gas in stomach).

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