Mangalati is spread over 5 acres of land with lush green plantation. Major plantation is of Mango, Coconut, Chikoo, Amrut Kokam .

In its lush green surrounding a cosy well designed structure has cropped up which would make you forget the buzz of the city. Its 4 self contained rooms would make you feel rejuvenated even when you are indoor.

Apart from our heart warming hospitality other things which we nurture are

Lemmon Grass (Gavati Chaha)

contains essential oil. This oil is sherry(wine) coloured with pungent (strong) taste and lemon like odour with citral as principal constituent. Lemon grass and it's oil is carminative and is useful in relieving the flatulence (Excessive gas in stomach). The lemon grass induces the copious perspiration (sweating) and brings down the temperature. Lemon grass oil also treats spasmodic affections of the bowels, gastric irritation and cholera. Leaves of Lemon grass are very effective remedy for ring worms when applied on affected part. Lemon grass is locally used cure for painful joints, rheumatic joints for relieving the pain.

We here prepare tea of the fresh leaves of Gavati Chaha, which we are sure you would enjoy and remember.


Before reaching for that ubiquitous bottle of Pepsi, Coke or for that matter any cod drink, stop and remember that there are more refreshing drinks that are also healthier. One such drink is made from kokam. Read on to find out more about this versatile fruit.

Kokam or Garcinia Cambogia is an Indian spice used in many parts of the country in various vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. One of the most popular curries from Western India is solkadhi that is made with kokam. Besides, the bark of the roots, oil and fruits of kokam all find extensive medical use.

Amrut Kokam has higher amounts of antioxidants than most other fruits and vegetables that are considered powerful antioxidants, such as garlic, turmeric and blueberry. Antioxidants combat free radicals, the chemicals that destroy organs, tissues and cells in our body and cause diseases like cancer, osteoporosis, high cholesterol and arthritis.

Kokam fruits are rich in citric acid, malic acid, acetic acid, polyphenol, carbohydrates, anthocyanin colors, ascorbic acid, hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and garcinol. The seeds have between 23% and 26% oil that is yellow in color and becomes like butter on freezing. Hence it is known as kokam butter.

The fruits are soaked in sugar syrup to prepare amrut kokam, a refreshing and healthy drink. This drink is an excellent remedy for sunstroke and is very popular during summer.

The fruit has been traditionally used to treat flatulence, infections and heat strokes. Traditional Ayurvedic medicine uses the fruit in infusions to treat skin ailments like allergic rashes, chafed skin and scalds; provide relief from sunstroke; tackle dysentery and mucus diarrhea; improve appetite and quench thirst; treat bleeding piles, tumors and heart problems; and as a tonic for the heart and liver. Oil made from Kokam seeds is used as winter lotion to avoid cracking of skin.

HCA is widely used to lower cholesterol. The fruit rind has potent anti-cancer and anti-ulcer properties. Kokam paste and oil are used to hasten healing of wounds and skin problems. Its powder and decoction are useful to prevent dehydration and loss of nutrients; improve digestion and appetite; reduce constipation and provide relief from piles and anal fissures; improve the working of the liver; regulate the cardiovascular system; cleanse the blood and fight infections; and reduce fever and burning sensations that occur in the body.

Wagh Dinge

You will see ants moving around your place like shown in the picture. These are different type of ants in characteristics. These ants move little haphazardly and do not bite the humans. These ants communicate with each other by generating some kind of chemicals and acts as scavengers. These ants attack ferociously on snakes and another type of ants called "Umle" in Konkan area. People also believe that these ants brings wealth and prosperity, so people in Konkan region carry these ants by feeding them jaggery, and take them to their homes.

Organic farming

Here in Mangalti, we do not use chemical fertilizers or insecticides for spraying on Mango or Cashew trees. We use Cow-dunk as fertilizer and spray organic spraying like NEEM extract, Gomutra and so you are assured that you are not eating chemicals through the fruits of our estate.